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              Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd.
              Advantages of dry granulator
              Publish:2020-10-28 15:29:05 Visit:1456

              Future Machinery takes intelligent wet granulator, automatic dry granulator, high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, and three major series as its leading products. Advanced research and development level and excellent after-sales service provide high-quality pharmaceutical products for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire about wet granulator, dry granulator and aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

              The advantages of dry granulator are mainly concentrated in the following points:

                 1. Constant pressure

                The pressure of the dry granulator is a key factor affecting the granulation effect. The dry granulator has a more stable granulating effect, and the density and compressibility of the granules have higher consistency and reproducibility.

                2, low temperature granulation

                 Dry granulator is pressed into granules under higher pressure. During continuous granulation process, more heat is generated, and the temperature of equipment and materials will rise. The dry granulator has a cooling system that can take away the heat generated during the pressing process to ensure the stability of the main medicine during continuous production.

                3, horizontal double screw feeding

                 Horizontal double screw feeding, feeding more evenly.

                4, PLC control

                The whole dry granulator is controlled by programmable, and the process parameters can be stored and recorded.

                 5. New-shaped whole grain structure

                The new-shaped grain shaping structure, the grain shaping effect is better.

                6, modular structure

                Modular structure, tool-free disassembly, more convenient to use.

                7. Meet GMP requirements.